- Or How To Stop Flipping Out About Everything

Man screaming on the phone for article How To Use R.E.S.T. To Improve Your Coping Strategy

Many people are action-oriented. When confronted with a situation, they react without thinking. Often, this leads to feelings of guilt or regret for not handling a situation as well as you could have. If you have ever experienced these feelings, you need to learn R.E.S.T.

What is REST?



Set an intention

Your customers can share your videos

film studio for article Why Video Is the Best Advertising and Delivers the Best Value

Your video ad is not limited to a single format. You can use the same video in rich media formats to include expandable banners, URL links, calls to action, and click-through actions. You can also post these videos on competing platforms.

SEO Anyone

Search engines would rather show video content over print…

Dean J Murphy

Former US Army soldier turned online entrepreneur — trying to change the way we work, one person at a time. https://pivottowardsfreedom.com/about

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